Friends of CALS Members

Friends of CALS Members help to provide a financial base of support for youth & senior outreach, education, exhibitions, and increased exposure to the arts for the entire Sacramento Region.

Ashby, Patric
Axell, Susan
Cole, Verna
Delury, Cecilia
Dicker, Helga
Evoy, Barbara
Fagernas, Barbara
Florida, Linda
Friedman, Judith
Grafton, Patricia
Haggenmaker, Glenda
Harley, Birte
Henry, Barbara
Herbert, Patricia
Jorgansen, Jette
Kearns, Ena-Laurie
Laing, Corrine
Liberty, Barbra
Mehlhaff, Sylvia
O’Connell, Susan
Pankey, Pamela
Pankey, Leslie
Rosenberg, Joyce
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, Dianna
Spivy-Weber, Frances
Tilton, Gwen
Tilton, Glenn
Van Kekerix, Lorraine
Welles, Sheri
Workman, Maria
Wright, Barbara

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